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  • Welcome to the PNW Tribal Agriculture Guide

    After almost 3 years of hard work, we have successfully collaborated with indigenous farmers, healers, producers, and many more tribal businesses to create the first-ever PNW Tribal Agriculture Guide, a space where our communities can come to access tribal foods and products as well as educate ourselves through our centuries worth of ancestral knowledge. We hope that this resource will help to increase tribal food sovereignty and tribal economy while increasing awareness of the thriving indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest. This resource will continue to grow and we encourage anyone who would like to be included in the PNW Tribal Agriculture Guide to fill out a survey or email us directly. Furthermore, we will be releasing profiles for indigenous producers residing in Idaho and Washington in the Winter of 2023. Here is a list of the categories of producers included in the PNW Tribal Agriculture Guide: Healing/Wellness Tinctures, elixirs, salves, beauty products, teas, plant medicines, skincare, and full-spectrum care. Farmer Meats, vegetables, fruits, plant medicine, fermented foods, dehydrated foods, packaged foods, seeds, bulbs, and more that are grown or raised on farms. Fisher Smoked, canned, and jarred salmon and other freshwater fish or seafood. Restaurant/Food Cart Brick and mortar restaurants, catering food carts, permanent location food carts, cafes, coffee shops, and chefs. Gardens Community gardens, food sovereignty gardens, communal space gardens, school gardens, and tribal gardens. Market Collaboration of indigenous vendors that sell personally handcrafted wares and/or food items on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

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  • Lummi Seafood Market

    < Back Lummi Seafood Market Since 2017, Lummi Seafood Market has provided fresh and frozen local and domestic seafood products. We also provide specialty and unique foods on seasonal occasions. The market provides a venue for local fishermen to sell their catch while providing affordable seafood products to the public. The majority of our products are proudly caught by Indigenous-Native American people from around the Pacific Northwest. ​In August of 2022, we have been participating in the Bellingham Dockside pop-up tent seafood market, located at the Squalicum Harbor, in Bellingham, WA, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, from 10am - 2pm.​We look forward to meeting community members and hope you enjoy our selection of foods! TRIBAL PRODUCERS Contact Info Phone 360-920-3447 Social Email Website

  • Sister Sky

    < Back Sister Sky Sister Sky is owned by real-life sisters, Marina and Monica, both enrolled citizens of the Spokane Tribe in Washington state. In business since 1999, the sisters have built a family-owned company that started with a simple mission: make products rooted in herbal heritage that contain natural ingredients. Sister Sky products are safe, gentle, and effective. Free of harsh chemicals, USA-made, Mother Nature-approved, and cruelty-free. As we enter our 24th year in business, we are proudly the #1 Indigenous body and hair care brand! We strive to bring you quality products at affordable prices. TRIBAL PRODUCERS Contact Info Phone 509-315-9808 Social Email Website

  • Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians - Health Clinic's Garden Program

    < Back Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians - Health Clinic's Garden Program The Garden Program is a new program being developed by the CTSI Siletz Tribal Community Health Clinic to steward a 38-acre property into a diversified organic practicing farm that provides healthy food options and cultural opportunities for Tribal members. The program seeks to improve the health of our community and Siletz Tribal members by providing access to clean organic produce, outdoor recreation, and culturally congruent activities in a safe space. The stewardship of the land is guided by a Garden Committee, the needs of our community, Traditional Ecological Knowledge pathways, and a variety of internal and external partnerships. Half of the landscape is designated wetlands with wetland meadows, shrub/tree wetlands, and a seasonal creek that is being stewarded to host and enhance habitat for native plants and animals with a focus on Beaver habitat. The remainder of the landscape is being stewarded to support the needs of our community. The program has installed a rainwater catchment system that will serve vegetable and plant production, a 5-acre garden with an exclusion fence to deter grazing animals such as Elk and Deer, a greenhouse nursery for plant and vegetable production, various facility and access renovations for programming activities, and are creating a Garden Master Plan that will continue to guide the future activities in the landscape. Tribal Affiliation Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians Category: Garden, Tribe Location: 201 SE Swan Ave. PO Box 549 Siletz, OR 97380 TRIBAL PRODUCERS Contact Info Phone 541-444-2532 Social Email Website

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