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1st Prep Meals

1st Prep was started by le Cordon Bleu Certified, Chef Lloyd George who has 20 years of food & beverage experience. Lloyd was born and raised in East Idaho where he grew a passion for cooking professionally. Lloyd always wanted to learn from scratch cooking and jumped at the opportunity when it became available. He left home to chase his dream of becoming a chef where he attended and graduated from le CordonBleu Culinary College in Seattle Washington in 2012. In 2014 Lloyd went back to school attending le CordonBleu, Las Vegas, NV where he graduated with honors.

1st prep is something Lloyd has wanted to become a reality so he can share his culinary knowledge with people who love simple food at its highest level of flavor. You will see the passion and creativity in all the food prepared. Dressings from scratch, vegetables cut fresh, and meats cut by hand. Overall, Lloyd is adamant that meals are consistently prepared weekly for all members of the family, including kids’ healthy snacks, breakfast smoothie cups, egg scrambles, and solo dinners up to family meals. All were made by the hands of a humbled chef and his family.

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