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Burns Paiute Tribe

The Burns Paiute Tribe is a community of 210 people dedicated to the healthy development of our families. While maintaining the endurance of cultural values and the protection of our vital natural resources, community members enjoy a healthy lifestyle with ample opportunity for vocational and recreational activities. Thanks to the Tribe’s early emphasis on health, wellness and education, our social and justice programs are minimal since the issues that require the need for those programs have all but been eliminated. Tribal leadership is strong, fair and a great model to be followed by future generations of Burns Paiute leaders.

The Burns Paiute Reservation is located in rural eastern Oregon. The Burns Paiute Tribe is primarily comprised of the descendants of the Wadatika Band of Northern Paiutes. The traditional homelands of the Burns Paiute include 5250 square miles of land in central-southeastern Oregon, Northern Nevada, northwestern California and western Idaho. The Burns Paiute still maintain aboriginal title to much of our aboriginal territory.   The Tribe currently has 402 enrolled members of which 142 people call the Reservation their home. We are a relatively “young” community with over 50% of our population being under the age of 18.

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