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Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians - Health Clinic's Garden Program

The Garden Program is a new program being developed by the CTSI

Siletz Tribal Community Health Clinic to steward a 38-acre property into a

diversified organic practicing farm that provides healthy food options and cultural

opportunities for Tribal members. The program seeks to improve the health of

our community and Siletz Tribal members by providing access to clean organic

produce, outdoor recreation, and culturally congruent activities in a safe space. 

The stewardship of the land is guided by a Garden Committee, the needs

of our community, Traditional Ecological Knowledge pathways, and a variety of

internal and external partnerships. Half of the landscape is designated wetlands

with wetland meadows, shrub/tree wetlands, and a seasonal creek that is being

stewarded to host and enhance habitat for native plants and animals with a focus

on Beaver habitat. The remainder of the landscape is being stewarded to support

the needs of our community. The program has installed a rainwater catchment

system that will serve vegetable and plant production, a 5-acre garden with an

exclusion fence to deter grazing animals such as Elk and Deer, a greenhouse

nursery for plant and vegetable production, various facility and access

renovations for programming activities, and are creating a Garden Master Plan

that will continue to guide the future activities in the landscape.

Tribal Affiliation Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Category: Garden, Tribe

Location: 201 SE Swan Ave. PO Box 549 Siletz, OR 97380

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