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Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

The Tribal Farm is working to establish irrigation systems and plant a base crop of grain hay, alfalfa hay and orchard grass hay for the tribal members’ livestock needs, as well as the commercial agriculture industry.  After this base crop rotation plan has been established the farm will continue expanding its portfolio into the specialty crop market of vegetable seed, flower seed, grass seed, legume seed, and grain seed crop opportunities. With the lower elevation and microclimate associated with Moody Farm and Culpus Farm, the Tribal Farm will have an advantage over other farm ground in Central Oregon.  The crop possibilities are endless for years to come on tribal farm ground. 

The Tribal Farm has identified several objectives for the business: Use of water rights on tribal lands.Re-engage farming to generate revenue and begin rebuilding a sustainable industry on the reservation.Provide tribal member employment opportunities.Provide a pathway for tribal members to develop agricultural aptitudes and skills through educational tours and internships.

The mission of the Department of Range and Agriculture is to provide services and technical assistance to the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation and its membership for the protection and enhancement of agricultural and range lands to ensure that these resources are properly managed for the use of present and future generations.

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