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DD Ranch

Located in beautiful Central Oregon, DD Ranch raises 100% grass fed/finished beef and lamb, heritage pork, eggs from free-range hens, and raw honey from happy bees. Much of our livestock are heritage breeds, promoting genetic diversity. We promote a closed system. While we are not certified organic, we do follow organic practices and have reseeded our pastures with OMRI-certified alfalfa. Our pastures are not sprayed, nor do we use chemical fertilizers. We do not use hormones or antibiotic feed for our livestock. We will be working with the Savory Institute beginning in 2021 to employ regenerative pasture management practices to further our knowledge of sustainable agriculture.

We believe that happy and healthy stock makes for happy and healthy families. 

The ranch provides access to the stunning countryside setting of the Smith Rock area. We offer memorable ranch adventures such as school field trips, hunting, private events, weddings, and more. We believe in promoting a strong local community and host annual events such as our Pumpkin Patch and the Great Harvest OCR 5K. We hope you’ll join us

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