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Elderberry Wisdom Farm

Story: Our Native America nonprofit corporation, Elderberry Wisdom Farm, was created to assist Native Americans as they integrate academics, experiential service learning activities and cultural and ecological knowledge while creating their own agricultural and horticultural career pathways. This career pathway planning initiative will open the door for Native Americans, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders to a wide range of option. We are promoting opportunities for them to enter the environmental restoration economy, especially including horticultural and agricultural microenterprise businesses that become part of our future intentional farm coop community of Native American farmers and horticulturalists. Our experiential service learning is expanding opportunities for Interns to complete habitat restoration and other careers with conservation groups, government agencies, local native plant nurseries, and farms. Some of our interns are also pursuing advanced degrees in higher education.

Tribal Affiliation Deg Hit'an Dine, Inupiaq

Category: Healing/Wellness

Location: 2281 Delaney Rd SE, Salem OR 97306

Products: Plant medicine

Processing: Canning, jarring

Selling:Farmer's Markets, Online, Naturopathic Clinics, Natural Food Grocery Stores

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