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When the pandemic hit us in 2020 we began, like many Americans, to question what got us here. The social, political and economic system that we have has been designed perfectly to get the results that it's getting; that has meant the exclusion and exploitation of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. A system that placed us at the top of disease and death statistics and the bottom of income, homeownership and wealth measures. And, we began to dream about how to use our expertise to build a business movement that respects and upholds Tribal Sovereignty. That’s where Indigenize was born.

As we walked, masked, through the grocery stores to buy food and supplies to keep our multi-generational family alive we realized that none of the stores we shopped at carried ANY Tribal or Native-owned products. We literally could not find one product. We didn’t get here by accident. And, we have to work intentionally to move from here toward a future where Tribes and Tribal people prosper. At Indigenize we are connecting conscious consumers with Tribal and Native owned businesses who make quality everyday products. We are more than just a company, we’re a movement to indigenize our economies and redistribute wealth back to tribal nations and people.

We make gift boxes and sell pantry staples and have a blog about issues in Indian Country.

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