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Tananáwit, a Community of Warm Springs Artists, is a community-based organization whose mission is to provide educational and economic development opportunities by empowering our people and building knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary Native art of the Columbia River Plateau.

It is 2022 and Tananáwit is known for traditional and contemporary Columbia River Plateau-inspired designs and serves as a model for other arts organizations. Artists use branding effectively and have many opportunities to sell art online. Buying authentic Native American arts and crafts in Warm Springs is highly desired.

Warm Springs is a vibrant and sustainable community and Tananáwit artists prosper from their art. Artists have a workspace to make, collaborate, and sell their art locally and they are integrated into the cultural tourism community. There are regular, well-attended art shows that feature traditional and contemporary artists. The artists have ready access to all tools, supplies, and transportation they need to create quality art.

Tananáwit artists reflect the strongly-held values of family, creativity, and culture in Warm Springs with their deep commitment to sharing intergenerational knowledge through teaching and passing down of cultural art styles to future generations.

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