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Turtle Valley Foods

In 2016 we decided we were burnt out on wondering where our family's food was coming from, how it was raised, and trying to read all those $10 words in the ingredients list. After a lot of research on where we could find food that we could feed our children guilt-free we came to a realization...that kind of food just couldn't be found in our area. In 2019 after several years of gardening and raising some turkeys, chickens, and pigs we realized that if we couldn't find these kinds of foods in the grocery store then there must be others out there that want the peace of mind that comes with serving their family wholesome, healthy, delicious, local food. With that realization, we officially launched Turtle Valley Foods in 2019. Since our founding, we have encountered people from all walks of life from our community on the Coeur d' Alene reservation in north Idaho, and surrounding communities like Post Falls, Coeur d' Alene, Moscow, Sandpoint, and everywhere in between that were on the same search for food they could be proud to put on the dinner table every night. 


Since we started this farm journey we have realized that the regenerative farming practices we believe in and use on our farm have the power to heal the land, our people, and our communities, and build a local resilient food economy. Farming for us is not just about making a living, it's about improving the health of the communities we serve in all its forms physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and economic.  

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