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Wapato Island Farm

We are a woman-owned, 32-acre working farm located on Wapato Island (Sauvie Island) in Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by the Columbia River, Wapato Island Farm has maintained ecological integrity, resiliency, and organic standards as it continues to thrive in our climate-vulnerable Pacific Northwest region. The land has hosted a diverse variety of seed, including the sacred three sister crops of corn, beans, and squash. It provides a home for wildlife, and has remained an integral part of Sauvie Island’s working land and community.

We recognize that this land we call our home was also sacred land that the Multnomah Tribe lived upon before colonization. We honor the importance of acknowledging sacred tribal homelands and are grateful that we have been able to care for the land for so many years. Wapato Island Farm has been in our family for over a decade, and our family has grown and changed with the land over the years — learning from it and becoming wiser with it.

Our apothecary is a space for making medicine and houses ethically grown and harvested plants, grown here on our farm or wildcrafted in the Oregon wilderness. We handcraft herbal smoked salts, tinctures, salves, vinegars, essences, elixirs and hydrosols — each batch an artistic, intuitive medicine in which we deepen our relationship with the plants.

Our medicines are made in the practice of folk herbalism — meaning, our relationship with the plants and the medicine we make with them is a reflection of our indigenous and ancestral ties and the relationship our ancestors had with Mother Earth. Our practice of folk herbalism combines indigenous wisdom, cultural and ancestral tradition, and reliance on the plants as the healers.

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