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WaterLilly Botanicals

It all started with the love of plants. The plants love me and I love them. The Earth shows me love by providing me with the vision to recognize their individuality and how to care for them, or they show me how to harvest them so I can return again the following year.

It may have been planned with my ancestors or with my parents. Either way, time is not a concept for the beginning of a dream.

I have been studying and using herbs for over 13 years. I have been growing my own herbs to use for myself, my family, pets and friends for over 6 years now.

Just within the last 3 years I have delved into making my own products. I have taught people and in the process taught myself how to make syrups, salves, balms, butters, tinctures/glycerites, and tea blends.

Holistic, Indigenous and Female owned business inspired by Nature and the wellness of Friends and Family.

We sell seasonal Natural Skin Products, Essential oil roller bottle blends, a small selection of herbs, Healing stone jewelry, Tea blends and other Natural Products.

Our products are seasonal and made in small batches at a local Certified Community Kitchen.

We are located in Eastern Oregon at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains.

We make our products monthly according to the seasons and what we have wildcrafted throughout the year.

Our herbs and ingredients are sourced by sustainability farms with respect, appreciation and stewardship of the Earth. Our wildcrafted herbs are collected respectfully, sustainably, safely and cleanly as possible.

Our vision is to work with the Earth through Universal energies and offer natural holistic solutions for Mind, Body and Spirit.

PNW Tribal Agriculture Guide


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