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National Farm to School

Farm to School in Native Communities: From Grand Portage, Minn., on the Canadian border to Navajo Nation, and Molokai, Hawaii, to New York City, Native peoples of North America have been celebrating our connection to land, food and community for generations.

Working with Native partners, the National Farm to School Network is exploring the unique opportunities for and challenges of expanding and sustaining farm to school in Native communities across the country. From developing school menus that include traditional foods like blue corn and bison to working with Native producers, planting heritage orchards, and connecting classroom education with tribal seed banks, together we are breaking down barriers and reinvigorating traditional foodways.

Seed Exchange in Native Communities with Farm to School: From 2017-2019, National Farm to School Network's Seed Change in Native Communities with Farm to School project aimed to expand farm to school activities (procurement of local and traditional foods, school gardens, and food and agriculture education) in Native communities as a strategy to leverage community-wide initiatives towards building food security and food sovereignty and towards revitalizing use of traditional foods. Five Native schools were awarded mini-grants to expand and promote farm to school in their communities.

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